JORDAN. (02/08) The Daraa city in the past month has been a point of humanitarian conflict after Idlib, Ghouta and several other cities in Syria. Quoted from Andalu Agency, this condition caused residents to flee Daraa town in southwestern Syria to the border area near Jordan and Israel because of the fierce attacks by the Bashar al-Assad regime forces, which have now reached around 198,000, including the Kumaroh refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan


Rumah Zakat Humanitarian Volunteers have arrived in Jordan since last Tuesday (31/07), today visited Kumaroh Camp which is directly adjacent to Daraa City in Syria which is only 2 KM apart.

“Refugee conditions here are quite alarming, they live in tents that are not feasible, and children do not get education” said Humanitarian Volunteers, Andri Murdianto

Besides conducting an assessment at the camp, Andri Murdianto also gave Kornet and Rendang Superqurban to Syrian children.

“Syrian children are very happy to receive Superqurban, hopefully it can help fulfilling the nutrition of children,” said Andri.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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