SIGI (08/21), This is the second night of Rumah Zakat Medical Team in the Community Settlement in the mountainous area in Kulawi District, Kab. Sigi after doing a healthy standby service for the community. Yesterday there were 9 medical teams who were still stranded at locations without logistical supplies, including clothes. For 2 days the team survived with makeshift logistics. Shortage Food logistics while at the location of the stalls and shops is still very limited.

At 19.41 WITA the volunteer team headed to the district police chief. Kulawi to get logistical info. With kindness and alacrity Rumah Zakat were served and provided food by the Klawi Sub-district Police.

“All of you can eat here, but sorry maybe it’s sober, the logistics here is thinning because the path is covered by landslides. Here we have noodles and rice, we will provide it,” said one of the policemen there.

In the midst of limitations remain mutually reinforcing. Help each other when in trouble. Smiles and gratitude happily emanated from the Rumah Zakat medical volunteer team.

“We would like to thank a lot of the Kulawi District Police Chief for the support that has been given,” said Hesti, Rumah Zakat Volunteer.

On Saturday (10/20), 13 medical and logistical teams at Rumah Zakat managed to penetrate the Kolawi area, regency. The area is isolated because the road to the location is heavily buried by landslides. All day sharing assignments, 11 of them served villagers, 2 people accompanied patients who were referred to hospitals in the city. 2 people accompanying them are safe in Palu.

However, 11 other people must be restrained. When the team prepares again, heavy rain and landslides occur. The return path cannot be passed. There was no choice, tonight (201/10) the team had to stay at the residents’ house, with makeshift supplies.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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