MAGELANG. Monday (11/09), 25 members of the PKK Dusun Watusari, Gondosuli Village, held their regular meetings. This monthly meeting is a place for friendship, social gathering and deliberation to carry out routine and new program planning.

Unusually, this meeting became a special meeting because it was attended by Afifudin Nur Khamim, the Empowered Facilitator of Rumah Zakat in Gondosuli Village.

Afifudin was deliberately invited to be asked to socialize the program, as proceed the results of the Forum Discussion Group Forum ever done at the village level Gondosuli. Among the Programs explained Afifudin include Smile Mandiri, Smile Champion, Healthy Smile and Smile Lestari. He also added that the focus in 2017 will focus on the Mandiri Smile Program related to housewife’s business.

Ibu Ngalimah, Head of PKK Dusun Watusari welcomed the Rumah Zakat program, “We hope that the group of PKK Dusun Watusari can always work together with Rumah Zakat in community empowerment. Later we will formulate the establishment of the Independent Women Business Group in Dusun Watusari,” he said.

According to Afif, in the future, we will be rolled out business assistance with independent female business capital that is managed in 7 groups. From this group we hope to get the other entrepreneur women, from Watusari village.

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