warga-bahagia-sambut-panen-kebun-gizi-pt-sharpKARAWANG. On Thursday (11/11) Nutrition Gardens Karawang presented PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia implement hydroponic vegetable harvest for the third time. The activity was held in Pejaten Hamlet, Sirnabaya village, Teluk Jambe district, Karawang regency. Harvest time is also attended by representatives of PT. Sharp Electronic and management from RZ.

Some are representative of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia to attend the event include Mr. Shigeo Noma as Vice President Director, Mr. Haruiko Sano, General Manager of Brand Strategy Group Division, Mr. Unang Senior Setio as Manager HRD, Eddy Sagoro, and Pandu Setio as Manager PR, CSR & Promotion. While RZ represented by Mr. Rd. Herry Hermawan as Chief Operational Director, Mr. Salah Juarsah, Aap Apipudin, Mr. Indra, Mr. Hafid F, and Ms. Nur Aini.

Karawang Nutrient Gardens is optimization of vacant land program in which collaboration between PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia and RZ in order to create productive green gardens that cultivate vegetables and fruits which are then useful for the community around.

The harvest began with a presentation by Mr. Hafid F which provides an explanation on how to grow vegetables with the hydroponic method and how to harvest vegetables hydroponically to the representative of the management of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia.

The management of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia is very enthusiastic and impressed with hydroponic vegetables that are ready to harvest for vegetable looks very fresh and great. “We are very impressed with this nutrient garden, the results are very good,” said Pandu Setio as PR manager, CSR & Promotion of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia. “In the future, after the nutrient garden is growing, vegetables produced can be sold, and the community around can also make nutrient garden hydroponically in their homes and the harvest can be sold, we plan to create nutrient garden in mountain areas in Karawang.” He added,

Once the harvest is complete, representative of PT. Sharp Electronics Indonesia and RZ enjoyed hydroponic kale stir-fry dishes that have previously been harvested. The vegetables were harvested this time is caisin collards and kale. Yields directly submitted by the partners to the local people who participated in the harvest, then the rest will be distributed to residents around the gardens of nutrition who cannot attend the event.

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