aksi-bangun-sehat-tbg-dan-rz-layani-462-korban-gempa-acehPIDIE JAYA.RZ cooperateD with Tower Bersama Group (TBG) held health action for refugees and local people affected by the earthquake that occurred a few days ago in Pidie Jaya district.

The first action was held on Thursday (12/08) located in Tuha mosque, Meureudu district. The location is 2 km adjacent to Tower Bersama Group (TBG). The activities take place from 01:30 to 06:00 pm, this provided public health services in the form of checks and the provision of supplementary food such as milk and biscuits for children and toddlers.

“I hope the Car Clinic (Monik) can help people here in terms of health, because as we all know in a situation like this in addition to logistics, health also includes the important points that must be considered,” said Adhika, TBG Company representative.

This action was accompanied by TBG partners of Aceh region, namely Mr. Adhika, Mr. Januar, and Mr. Murtadho. Number of beneficiaries include the refugees and the community around are 153 people.

On Monday (12/09) is second day of TBG health action, this time the action is located in the Post of Meuredu. Jl. Blok PLN Lama, Meureudu. This location is a location that was recommend by the local police chief. When Clinic Car came to this post, the facilities and infrastructure was minimal, such as clean water, food, and blankets.
This time the action took place at 09.30 until 12:30 am, with the number of beneficiaries 79 people.

In addition to the two earlier locations, TBG health action was held in Deah Pangwa district. Trenggadeng Pidie Jaya as a third location, in this evacuation post, TBG’s Monik is also the first to provide treatment so the post crowded by the people who seek for a treatment.

Treatment was started at 02:30 to 07:30 pm. The services provided are public examinations, supplementary feeding for children and toddlers as well as trauma healing. The children were very pleased with the games provided, their grief and wounds disappear from their faces.

“When we was carrying out treatment the aftershocks lasted long enough and strong, but still we continued the treatment,” said Maya Mustikasari, Project Monitoring and Evaluation RZ. Beneficiaries in this location are 230 people. In 2 days with 3 different locations, TBGhealth action serves as many as 462 people.

Newsroom/Ria Arianti
Pidie Jaya

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