JAYAPURA. Wednesday (14/06) cheerful atmosphere seen from the face of the children of Kos Island area, Numbay Village, South Jayapura District welcoming Rumah Zakat Jayapura team and MTT Regional Puma that anchored on the coast.


Rumah Zakat and MTT Regional Puma will provide Ramadan package for the people there. The blessing of Ramadhan with Sharing is the theme that is carried out in this channeling. A total of 40 Eid Gift and 120 packages of Family Lebaran Packages were given to the people around Kosong Island. Not only that, 150 Ifthar meal package is also a complement to happiness in the month of Ramadan.


Kosong Island is Rumah Zakat Jayapura target area since last 2 years. The guidance that is done covers the field of non-formal education such as learning to read and write Quran, teach daily prayers, prayer readings, and others.


“Although the coaching is only touching on non-formal education, we hope that with this guidance can be useful for them so that they can increase their knowledge and understanding of religion as well as coaching akhlakul karimah,” said Ahmad Fauzi, Volunteer Coordinator of Rumah Zakat Jayapura.


At first the children in this Muslim-majority region could not read  Quran and did not know how to pray according to Islamic teachings. Alhamdulillah with the regular visits from Rumah Zakat Volunteers Jayapura, the children are increasingly good at reading Quran, memorized daily prayers, and memorized several surah.

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