bersama-kitabisa-com-rz-wujudkan-fasilitas-air-bersihBOGOR. Water is a very important component in human life. Clean water has a very important role in determining the environmental conditions and public health as the water used for daily activities. Currently the majority of the community understands the importance of using clean water and already implemented in their respective home environments. But if we look a little deeper, it turns out there are still people who have water but it is not hygiene.

There are still a lot of homes that do not have toilet so there are some people who sill bath, was and eve defacate in rivers with makeshift facilities. Similarly, in p. Cibeureum tengah RT.05 RW.02 sinarsari Village Dramaga District, Bogor regency.

Many of those who do not have their own wells in because the location located in high area and far from water sources with a fairly steep road conditions that can only be taken during the daytime only. Residents in the region are 155 families consisting of RT.05 and bordered by Rt.04 predominantly working as laborers, rickshaw drivers and maids.

Seeing these conditions, of course, the people there really hope to enjoy clean water to be able to perform daily activities. Alhamdulillah, RZ provided clean water facilities which is a mandate from donators who donate through to help people in Cibeureum region to get proper water supply facilities.

The process of making the well and the toilet started on Wednesday (7/12) after discussions with local residents first. Land used for the manufacture of MCK is waqf land from one of the residents.

“Until now the development process has been implemented that is making foundation, building walls of the bathroom, making septictank. The plan of making clean water facilities in addition to drilling wells will also be built two toilets, one bathroom and one room for washing. The plan development process will be completed within two weeks. “Said Nur Shyfa, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Newsroom/Ai Ratih Rusmayanti

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