PANDEGLANG. Mekarjaya Village, Mekarjaya Sub-district was established to be one of empowered village of ZIS Indosat in cooperation with Rumah Zakat. Mekarjaya Village that still had limited access of information and infrastructure expected to be able to become a village that developed in all areas with the support of the Internet connectivity.

Launching of Mekarjaya empowered village was conducted on Saturday (19/08) at the local village office. The event was also attended by Wahid Efendi as Director of ZIS Indosat, Nur Efendi as Chief Executive Officer of Rumah Zakat, Ali Nurhasan as Branch Manager of Rumah Zakat Cilegon, Mahmud Ali as Secretary DPMPD, Teguh Imanto as Head of Village Community Empowerment DPMPD, Aan Suwandi as district head of Mekarjaya , PLT Kades of Mekarjaya, and hundreds of local residents.

Chairman of the ZIS Indosat stated, there are four areas ofrural community empowerment targets: economic, environment, education, and health empowerment. To maximize this program they collaborated with Rumah Zakat forming facilitator whose job is to promote the village’s excellent products. “We will also provide a digital corner.” He added.

“The function is to disseminate information to the world. Then there is the service of virtual script in i-Pandeglang application. We already have a successful example in Kulonprogo and we expect this success will also happen to Merkarjaya Village,” he hoped.

The Head of Mekarjaya Sub-district Aan Suwandi welcomed the establishment of Mekarjaya Village as a Empowered Village. “This is in accordance with the ideals of Mekarjaya development namely the glory. Hopefully this will be a milestone in achieving that success,” said the sub-district head.

DPMPD Secretary Mahmud Ali said that the village should continue to be pushed forward because each has a uniqueness that has a sale value. “With the internet facility and private empowerment program we are optimistic that Mekarjaya Village will show progress. The program is also expected to spread to other villages in Pandeglang,” he said.

Nur Efendi, Chief Executive Officer of Rumah Zakat said, one of the Rumah Zakat’s commitment is to alleviate the poverty in Indonesia that realized through the Village Empowerment program. “Empowered Village is a comprehensive approach that people in a village can overcome problems while improving access and services in the fields of education, health, economy and environment,” said Nur Efendi.

In 2017, Rumah Zakat has a target to empower 1,080 villages. “Until the middle of this year, Rumah Zakat has built 977 Empowered Villages. We consider the collaboration with various parties is very important, so that more Empowered village can be realized,” explained Nur Efendi.





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