khitanan-massal-gratis-wujud-cinta-pada-negeriJAKARTA. LAZIS PT PLN Jakarta Training Center in cooperation with RZ and Cita Sehat Foundation organized a mass circumcision. This event was held simultaneously by LAZIS PT PLN throughout Indonesia on Tueday (20/12).

Locations mass circumcision today housed in PT PLN Training Center located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Today’s event was attended by 50 participants, the participants get a facility like circumcision services, gifts, food and allowance.

This event began at 7:50 am with registration of the participants at the same time parents and participants given gift. The next event is the reading of verses from the Quran and followed by a speech from Mr. Hikmat Setiawan representing GM PT PLN Pusdiklat who said that the target of mass circumcision activity is intended for underprivileged children and also as a form of devotion to the State on public health.

The next event is a briefing by doctors Diana about the process before circumcision, when circumcision and after circumcision, as knowledge about the condition of the participants to the parents, at the event while the the participant waited for their turn they were entertained by various performance such as marawis, storytelling and Movie.

The participants are called one by one towards the room of circumcision, after the circumcision was completed, the participants headed to the break room at the same time given gifts, pocket money and also medicine and before returning home the participants and parents are given lunch and souvenirs.

As a form of post-circumcision services, there will be also a free consultation and control over the other day that on Friday from 06.30 am to 08.30 am to determine the child’s condition after circumcision.

“Alhamdulliah I am delighted with this event. I feel greatly assisted and facilitated my son can be circumcised and also given a lot of gifts, food and pocket money. Hopefully this event can continue in the future because it is very nice and I am sure it can help underprivileged people, Thanks LAZIS PT PLN migas, hopefully Rumah Zakat is more successful and continue to spread the benefits.” Said Sri Budiarti.

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