KITABISA.COM DAN RZ SALURKAN BEASISWA KHUSUS UNTUK RIZAL, SI PENGHAFAL QURANDEPOK.Muhammad Rizal (17) who comes from Makassar is an orphan since the age of 11 years. Rizal was invited by his cousin’s brother went to Jakarta. But her brother was left him alone when he was sleeping.

Rizal traveled and had become street children, until one day he found a special school which accommodates street children, the school is Masjid Terminal. The hard life does not make Rizal give up with life.

When he school in master (masjid terminal), he is different from most street children. His manner is polite, diligent and friendly making himone of the students chosen to be beneficiaries of RZ’s Tahfidz program in cooperation with yayasan Kiefathul Jannah.

Alhamdulillah Rizal also receives educational assistance from donators who want to see Rizal keep memorizing Quran. Special scholarships from for Rizal have been channeled on August, 15.

Alhamdulillah, scholarships distributed to Rizal in Tahfidz dorm where Rizal live, in the area of Grand Depok City Cluster Jasmine Block E1 15 Jatimulya subdistrict. Cilodong District, Depok. Alhamdulillah, up until now, Rizal has memorized 21 Juz. In addition to memorize, Rizal also follows and teaches in a his old school which is master (masjid terminal) shool.

Hopefully Rizal and his friends in Tahfidz dorm can be consistent in maintaining and practice their memorization to the public. Casting a blessing Qur’an wherever, whenever they are. We wish them every step in preaching Quran lesson could be savings for donator in hereafter.

“I want to thank the father / mother of donors that has made the contribution for me indirectly. And hopefully whatever Father / Mother gave me, can get great reciprocated and multiplied reward from Allah SWT. Aamiin, “said Rizal.

Newsroom/Nur Shyfa

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