BANDUNG. M Fahri As-Sidiq (11yo), or often called Fahri, becomes a familiar name to us. Because this boy who suffers Osteogenesis Imperfecta become media’s issue due to his bone condition that so fragile if exposed to a little impact, even if sneezing or coughing. Some time ago Kompas.com cooperated with Rumah Zakat had distributde aid from the donors through Kitabisa.com. Many of the donors are willing to help him until the age of 17 years later.

Donations from the Kompas.com’s netizens were trusted channeled the help through Rumah Zakat. In the process of distribution, Rumah Zakat will identify various needs of Fahri from medical to non-medical such as daily necessities. The assistance will be given gradually every month in accordance with the needs that have been verified first. If there is an urgent need beyond the regular requirement, it is channeled in accordance with the request from Fahri’s mother.

Since May 2017 until now, the distribution given to Fahri and his family has been done as many as 12 stages with total distribution of Rp119,208,000. – The distribution of the 12th phase has just been done on Wednesday (30/08) at Clinic RBG of Rumah Zakat, on Turangga street number 63, Bandung. The fund will be used for Fahri’s routine treatment, daily needs from food, electricity, treatment accommodation, business capital, rented house, and so on.

According to the plan Fahri will have second Hernia operation, but the time has not been decided. Because Fahri is currently in Banten with his family. Fahri’s currently condition is quite good, as long as in Banten Fahri joining school with his brothers in the morning and recite at the mosque near the house in the afternoon.

Muslim clothing business owned by his mother is still running, now her business moved from her brother’s house and rented a kiosk near the campus of UIN Bandung at a cost of Rp 2.000.000 per month. In addition assistance for health there will be also mentoring and training for online entrepreneurs and website development for the development of his mother’s business.

Currently, Fahri’s mother is considering the continuation of his life whether Sshe remains in Bandung or entrust Fahri in Banten. But if Fahri finally decides to stay in Banten then Fahri will be entrusted to his mother’s sister, and Fahri’s mother lives in Bandung to continue her business with Fahri’s brother, Ijan. Today Fahri’s mother plans to go to Banten to visit her son because it is scheduled for treatment of Fahri in Al-Islam Hospital Bandung.


Newsroom / Nur Shyfa

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