JAKARTA. Kumparan is Indonesia’s collaborative media platform as a forum for reading, sharing information and news. Kumparan present as a medium with the support of the latest technology. And Rumah Zakat is philanthropy based empowerment institution that has network in Indonesia and abroad.

In order to socialize ZIS program (Zakat Infaq Sadaqah), various social actions, and also qurbani worship Rumah Zakat cooperate with Kumparan.com. On (11/08) there was the signing of MOU between Rumah Zakat and Kumparan.com at kumparan.com office.
In his speech Arifin Asydad, Editor in Chief of Kumparan conveyed the special meaning of this month. “The month of Dzulqa’dah is a special month, because in it the Muslims will welcome the Eid al-Adha and prepare the qurbani worship as a lesson to increase the sacrifice in the good, and this month also coincides with the celebration of Indonesian Independence Day.”

Arifin continued, “This cooperation is based on the spirit of sacrifice in increasing contribution to Indonesia. Kumparan, as a collaborative media platform certainly welcomed the collaboration with Rumah Zakat as a media partner in socializing and educating the community in performing Zakat, sharing and sacrificing.” he added.
In addition, Irvan Nugraha as Chief Marketing Officer of Rumah Zakat in his speech expressed his appreciation and pride to collaborate with kumparan.com. “Support from kumparan.com will be very helpful in socializing zakat and qurbani worship.” Irvan said.

“Rumah Zakat in this qurbani worship has Superqurban program. Qurbani worship in which the sacrificial meat is processed into corned beef and rendang that giving benefit throughout the year. Rumah Zakat currently built 1081 Empowered Village. In the distribution of corned beef and rendang Superqurban is a meaans to bring beneficiaries to the program of sustainable empowerment conducted in Empowered Village.” ended Irvan.



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