MAJELIS TAKLIM TELKOMSEL SUMBAGSEL SALURKAN BEASISWA UNTUK 118 ANAK On Sunday (24/07) Majelis Taklim Telkomselor so-called MTT Sumbagsel in synergy with RZ Palembang to distribute scholarships to 118 children in eight RZ’s target area, namely Ilir Barat I, Sei Sahang, Ilir Timur I, Ilir Timur II, 9-10 Ilir, Seberang Ulu I, Bukit Kecil dan Tijaratul Lantabur Boarding School.

Besides distributing the scholarships, children and parents / guardians were also given guidance to better understand the teachings of Islam.

On this occasion, in one target area of MTT Sumbagsel, precisely in Tijaratul Lantabur boarding school held muhadharah activities. Muhadharah activity did not performed by the mentor-mentor but the foster children who performed their skills ranging from being an MC and Quran recitations was also performed by children assisted.

“Here children also performed Tasmih Qur’an (Connecting the Qur’an Rote) performed by three girls; there were also musical poetry, drama about learning atmosphere in schools, then there Syar’il Qur’an (lectures, recitations and readings of the Qur’an tafsir) sung by three boys without looking at the readings. ” Explained Retno Setyorini

After the event closed with a prayer by one of the foster children, then the scholarships is distributed to children. The children felt entertained and excited about the activity this time. So the themes for the mentoring activity not monotonous only learn and listen to mentor, but children are also trained to become an event organizer.

Newsroom / Ria Arianti

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