mobil-klinik-tbg-peduli-korban-banjir-musi-warasMUSI WARAS. On Sunday (12/08) Mobile Clinic (Monik) of Tower Bersama Group (TBG) held a Joint Action called Aksi Bangun Sehat Bersama in the village who have been affected by the flood, precisely in RT 004 Dusun II Desa Sembatu Jaya, BTS Ulu distric, Musi Rawas Regency, South Sumatra. For a month the village submerged by the flood, as a result of access roads which still form the red soil is severely damaged and closed for cars or motorcycles.

The conditions underlying TBG to hold free medical treatment in the village as a form of concern for the health of people affected by the flood.

The event was held from 03:00 to 06:30 pm, starting with the opening, followed by counseling by dr. Irwan Hadi Saputra with the theme of Hypertension. Later the event continued with a general medication, blood pressure check, metabolic checks by physician, and supplementary feeding for toddlers. Beneficiaries of the action this time amounted to 160 people.

The team departed from Palembang at 06.00 am by traveling for 9 hours. “Not in the location, we were forced to park in the courtyard houses (6 km further to Sembatu village), and then move all the supplies treatment to pickups because of damaged roads can only be passed by special vehicles” Said Anisa Yuniarti, PIC of the action.

Village head party supported us by picking up the team with two pickups. Residents are also helped because of existing health facilities are very far to the city of Lubuk Linggau. While in the village there is only a midwife as medical personnel.

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Musi Waras

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