MOBIL PERPUSTAKAAN KELILING AIRNAV - RZ CERIAKAN NGABUBURIT WARGA JURUMUDITANGERANG. (06/26) In the afternoon all residents were waiting to break the fast with a variety of activities, the activity this time is very different which is ngabuburit with Airnav-RZ mobile library.

The afternoon had been awaited by the children, the children were enthusiastic welcome the presence of Mobile library .

“All the people gathered to read books, play, listen to stories and watch movies. DKM mosque also announced the community that the mobile library Airnav and RZ came to visit so that all people present witnessed and participated in the activities.” Explained Sofyan Sulaiman, PIC of Airnav – RZ’sMobile Library car

Jurumudi villagers are very enthusiastic about this activity.

“The activity is very exciting, Hopefully you can visit our village everyday. I want to read a good book” Said one of villager.
The enthusiasm of Jurumudi’s villagers being one example that resident needs beneficial activities such as reading a book. Many residents can not close the book because the existing facility is very far from settlements then the mobile library is very useful for Jurumudi village.

“I thank Airnav – RZ’s mobile library car which has been coming to our hometown, which show that in the show was very educational and beneficial for the children and they were very pleased and excited by the visit of the mobile library and the show was so interesting there were storytelling, read books, play educational games and watching Islamic movie. Hopefully with this event can make kids in our neighborhood to be good so the kids in our neighborhood could be useful for their religion and nation “. said Basori , Al-Mukhlisin mosque caretaker.


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