MOJU AIRNAV RZ BERBAGI KECERIAAN DI TK AL-KAUTSAR TANGERANG. On Friday (22/05) in a sunny morning, AirNav – RZ (Moju Airnav – RZ) mobile library car prepared to visit TK Al-Kautsar. For the umpteenth time this mobile library car to visit a kindergarten that far from the office. TK Al-Kautsar Cisauk is located the area is a border area between Tangerang and Bogor district. It takes an hour to be arrived at the school.

The presence of AirNav – RZ mobile library car is a collaboration of RZ and AirNav in order to campaign reading interest to children by the media and the way that favored children.

The students Tk Al-Kauthar consists of 50 students. The students enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of AirNav – RZ mobile library car at their school, because this is the first visited AirNav – RZ mobile library car.

To accommodate all students, they were gathered in the open space to follow a series of activities to be held by Moju Airnav – RZ Tangerang team. The students are very happy with the activities performed by Moju Airnav – RZ team. Although the weather outside was rather hot, it did not dampen the spirit of the students to have fun together with Moju Airnav – RZ.

The students actively follow a series of activity from Moju Airnav – RZ, ranging from the introduction of mobile library team, sing along, storytelling, reading books together to play together and watch TV together.
“I am glad our school visited by mobile library, the books is good, and has interesting pictures and there are games as well,” said Kenzie , the student of Tk Al-Kauthar.

“We are very grateful to mobile library car team which has deigned to visit our school is hopefully brings a new spirit to our students (TK Al-Kauthar) so that they can be more courage to come and learning in school and the passion for reading so that they become intelligent children. I am grateful to Airnav and RZ which has presented the mobile library, hopefully this is helpful for the children “, says the father of Nur, head of the Al-Kauthar kindergarten.

“Masya allah, I am very grateful and delighted about the arrival of mobile library is hopefully can motivate children to be more active to read and add to the experience in the areas of reading, playing and others, hopefully mobile library car can come back next time and be a sustainable program because we think this program is very nice to be developed. We say thank you and success always for Rumah Zakat and Airnav “said Mrs.Tia as a vice-principal of TK Al-Kauthar.

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