MOJU AIRNAV - RZ BERBAGI KECERIAAN DI TKIT AL FATH TANGERANGTANGERANG. On Thursday (12/05) Moju (Juara Car) AirNav – RZ with its program namely mobile library visited TKIT Al-Fath at Jl. Lt. Col. Soetopo. Rawa Mekar Jaya BSD district, Tangerang.

“… Everything belongs to God, all beings is living because of Him, so that the children are grateful for the blessings that God gives. This time a great kid not afraid of anything except God, He helped Asma and Husna towards reading park that is very popular with children guarded by a lion … “so fragmentary stories read during the visit of Moju AirNav – RZ.

When children listened to stories, there was a child who plays the role of a courageous person. He is Raya, B class kindergarten students who assist and help Asma and Husna to get to the reading park with great enthusiasm.
“I’m not afraid of anybody. I’m afraid of God. “Said Raya.

“This kid was great all in awe of the words that became the hero in this story. I applaud him listen to stories and he also started to help by saying basmallah.” said Sulaiman Sofyan the PIC of Moju AirNav – RZ.

All children were happy and sat neatly listen to stories. Besides that, others excitement shown when children read a book together in the school yard, with their exuberant reading accompanied by teachers and facilitators.

Some of them were reading, others playing and coloring, all of them were vey enthusiastic about taking this event very well until the end of the event.

“The children are very excited about the arrival of AirNav – RZ mobile library. They are invited to listen to stories and reading books, in which these activities are rarely present in our schools, especially in Serpong district. Hopefully this visit can continue also can visit other school to foster reading interest. Thank you RZ and AirNav, be success always. “said Mrs. Dian Hani Al Syafitri, principal of TKIT Al-fath.

Newsroom/Nendi Permana

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