MOJU AIRNAV - RZ KONSISTEN BERIKAN FUN LEARNING UNTUK ANAK BANGSATANGERANG. On Monday (05/02) AirNav – RZ mobile library car (Moju AirNav- RZ) visited TK Assalam Tangerang south Serpong. The children were welcomed AirNav – RZ mobile library car happily
“Children are enthusiastic with the visit of AirNav – RZ mobile library car, they only know about mobile library on television but now it was present in their midst invited them to play and learn, from reading a book, listening to fairy tales and playing Lego. Children are very creative when playing Lego, they form various shapes imagination that can stimulate their psychomotor skill”said Sofyan Sulaiman, PIC AirNav-RZ mobile library car.

“I’m happy with today activity, and see, I made two row car, isn’t it good ?” Adhil Muhammad Furqan Said while showing his Lego work.

AirNav – RZ mobile library car is a means for children to learn and play in learning concept of Fun Learning. Thanks to the cooperation between AirNav and RZ, this mobile library vehicle can be a reality, in the hope of a solution to Fun learning for children, so that children can have more spirit and more enthusiastic in learning.

“I am very happy with the arrival of mobile library because the children got a new lesson from the visit of this mobile library. They learn in a different way than usual, they also get a great impression through stories or fairy tales are presented. In addition they are also happy to freely read interesting books, playing Lego also watch educational cartoons movie. I thank Airnav and RZ for the visit, hopefully this visit did not stop for today, but also be able to come back at another time because the children are very happy with the visit, “said Mrs. Nuni, the representative of TK Assalam.

Newsroom / Nendi Permana

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