JAKARTA. MOJU AIRNAV - RZ SAPA SDIT PERMATA BUNDA Joyful and fun with mobile library AirNav- RZ has brough excitement to 183 students of SDIT matraman Permata Bunda on Tuesday (05/04). The event began with the introduction of AirNav and RZ mobile library.

Children sat nicely and listened to story of Andi’s adventure that skipp the school because he wake up late and then he rush off to school until in his wa to school he fell off from his bike and cry. Andi seduced by Satan to not go to school instead he do to park and play until noon and his teacher look for Andi who did not attend school.

It is really Crowded today, students took turns read and play in group to learn and play along with mobile library AirNav, they are playing lego, hula hup, puzzle and congklak they play together without fighting because they were all friends. They also joined ICT training to learn using the internet and create interesting images.

When the volunteer were telling a story and mimicking as if he were criying, children with special needs from 1 grade who were listening to the story came up to the front and said “don’t cry anymore, did you get hurt?”, and the volunteer said “oke, I will not cry anymore”, a wide smile plassterd on hic face as he love to smile.

“Alhamdulillah, today we got a visit from AirNav and RZ mobile library, activity that lasted one and a half hour made the chidren were very enthusistic they enjoy the event from the beginning till the end. The chidren were very enthusistic when they read the books from our library, they always thirsty about knowledge, I hope this mobile library program continues to run, hopefully this cooperation can be done per 3 months, thanks to Airnav and RZ ” said Mrs.Kasmi, principal of SDIT Permata Bunda.

In the end of the event, the children watch a movie such as the story of dragonflies and helicopter technology, which is the story of God’s creation that imitated by humans in the form of helicopters which is inspired from the dragonfly, dragonnfly is an amazing creature.
After the visit of AirNav mobile library in SDIT Permata Bunda which is really fun, the students asked AirNav – RZ mobile library to visit every day. ***


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