MTT BALNUS BERSAMA RZ HIDUPKAN MALAM DENGAN PROGRAM BERBAGI BERKAH SAHUR (06/29). DENPASAR The “Nightlife” that drew some humans in Bali does not diminish the spirit of a group of people who are trying to turn his nights in order to reach the primacy of the last 10 days of Ramadan. One of them in Masjid Raya Ukhuwah which is located in the heart of Denpasar is a silent witness of more than 100 people gathered together to enliven the night by doing qiyamul Lail in congregation.

MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel) Balnus in synergy with RZ in reviving the night by running the program “Sharing the Blessings of Sahur” by delivering 125 rice boxes of sahur for Itikaf participants, the program included in the second period in the last 2 years is a form of concern for the growth of the nightlife which is worth worship.

MTT Balinusra regional chairman, Mr. Andi Fadli who is also one of mosque officials expressed his gratitude from mosque takmir and hoped that this cooperation will continue and be witness to the establishment of the friendship between the congregation Masjid Masjid Raya Ukhuwah with MTT Bali Nusa.

Not just in one place, Masjid Darussalam which is about 10 km from masjid Raya Ukhuwah, precisely in Banjar Ubung Kaja, Desa Ubung North Denpasar also felt the joy of togetherness in spreading smile Ramadhan share the blessings of sahur, as many as 100 boxes of rice provided by MTT Balnus in accompanying iktikaf participants there.

“For 1437 H this year, MTT distributed 350 sahur packets in which 125 packages is handed over to the Masjid Jami’ Abdurrahman Bin Auf located in Perum Nuansa Qori Jimbaran District of South Kuta Badung, at least 150 people a day come to be itikaf participants in this mosque. ” said RZ Nur Shyfa, Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

The hope this program can be one of the steps to continue to spread the benefits and blessing in the month of Ramadan.



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