PERUBAHAN SITI AISYAH MELALUI BEASISWA CERIA RZ - LOTTE MARTMEDAN.Siti Aisyah Siregar (11) is one of the beneficiaries of RZ – Lotte Mart Ceria Scholarship. she was born in Batang Kuis, Medan. The child who wants to be a doctor has a father who works as a construction worker with income of Rp 500,000 / month.

To help the family economy, Aisyah’s mother opened a small stall in front of the house. The income of Aisya’s father and mother just enough to cover the needs of households, pay the rent.

After Aisyah got Ceria scholarships from RZ – Lotte Mart, the mother and father are very grateful because now the cost of school of Aisyah and her sisters is getting lighter.

Scholarship assistance is very beneficial for Aisyah and her family, not only can take their load financially, but they also get benefit from the spiritual side. Now they have the knowledge and deeper understanding of prayer. They get it from debriefing for beneficiaries commonly given by RZ and Lotte Mart.

“If previously Aisyah could never pray alone, now she is able and willing to invite his brothers and his father and mother to pray. So is her father and mother, which usually don not remembered for prayers but Alhamdulillah now, they have been willing to pray and invite and remind the children for prayer. “said Maskur, RZ Project Monitoring and Evaluation.

Newsroom / Maskur

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