PT BABARAFI DAN RZ GELAR B&B UNTUK PAK KASMADISURABAYA. On (21/02) B&B Volunteer and RZ Surabaya cooperated with PT Babarafi Branch Surabaya held the Borong and Berbagi or we call it (B&B) for cireng of Mr. Kasmidi. B&B is RZ Surabaya Volunteer when they buy up (Borong) all the product from certain seller and then share (Berbagi) it to the people in need freely. Total of cireng that has bought up was 40 packs. This activity was held from 07.30 am until 10.30 pm. In addition to buy, the volunteers also had help frying and wrapping the cireng that will be shared.

Mr. Kasmadi (37) is the father of two children. One of his sons, Rifky, suffering from skin cancer. On B & B this time we hoped it can lighten Rifky’s treatment cost. Besides living with his two children, Mr. Kasmidi also lived with his parents.

He usually sells around his cireng to schools around the village where he lived, which is Mlaang Tengah village, Surabaya. However, according to Mr. Kasmadi’ s mother, it was already three days, he was not selling cireng due to his unhealthy condition.

“Thanks brother and sister. Hopefully every help given is also blessing for you guys.” said Mr. Kasmadi’s mom to RZ volunteers.

In addition to Mr. Kasmadi happiness, those who received cireng  were also happy.

“Alhamdulillah B & B became one of positive activitie in Surabaya. Hopefully this program will make us more grateful. Because there are many people who need our help,” added Adam, PIC of B & B RZ Surabaya Volunteer.

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