CIAMIS. (20/12). Located at Masjid Al Hidayah Pamarican districts, Ciamis, Rumah Zakat with the Provincial Government to visit the earthquake victims and symbolically handed the tarpaulin and basic needs received by the Regent of Ciamis, Iing Syam Arifin.

The District Pamarican is the most affected areas of the earthquake. Currently the victims residents Ciparakan Hamlet still survive in the evacuation shelter at least there are 280 person.

Submission of symbolic assistance handed over by Murni Alit Baginda as Program Director of Rumah Zakat to Regent of Ciamis. In the handover of the aid was witnessed by West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan.

The humanitarian team Rumah Zakat also perform disaster preparedness action to clean up the rest of the earthquake in Tasikmalaya, Ciamis and Pangandaran since the beginning. Of the 14 villages in Pamarican District there were 1.810 houses that were moderately damaged and light. However, severe damage occurred in the village of Sukahurip there are 456 houses were badly damaged.

“From the beginning, Rumah Zakat has been involved to send aid and volunteer personnel to the affected areas in Pangandaran, Ciamis and the Company. The impact of the earthquake that occurred smaller than the condition of the earthquake in 2009, so that some residents who did not experience a heavily damaged house can return to his home. The next task is in the recovery phase, the government and all stakeholders collaborate to help resolve. And Rumah Zakat is ready to be involved in it in synergy to take part in this recovery phase, “said Pure Alit Souvenir CPO Rumah Zakat.

In this visit, Rumah Zakat and Provincial Government also reviewed the point location of earthquake damage in Pangandaran, Ciamis and Tasikmalaya. When the visit of the Provincial Government to spend the evacuation at Masjid Al Hidayah Dusun Pamarican, Ciamis District, invites all Institutions of Humanity including Rumah Zakat, BUMD and other private companies helped the reconstruction process after the earthquake Tasik.

Ahmad Heryawan, Governor of West Java also had the opportunity to greet the refugees in Al Hidayah mosque. “We human believers feel one body with their other brothers. If one part of the body is sick, all body pain, “he said.

Aher also admitted worried when the earthquake on Friday (15/12) night happened. At that time, he still remembers the big gap that occurred in 2009.

“I got very ill, why? Because I still remember the events of 2009. At that time, I was in the room, at the home office, want to go to Cianjur, that night tonight. When yesterday, Saturday night I was in the room when the earthquake. When reading the news online, the strength is 6.9 Ritcher Scale exactly the same as 2009, “he said.
“Thanks to Zakat House for its contemplation all this time,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Rumah Zakat in this reconstruction program is committed to participate in repairing mosques, schools and other public facilities damaged by the earthquake. 100 refugees are displaced in the mosque of AL Hidayah.


Newsroom/ Andri Murdianto

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