RUMAH ZAKAT DAN KITABISA.COM SUKSES KEMBANGKAN USAHA PA ZAINALPADANG. West Sumatra is an area which well known for a wide variety of traditional culinary distinctive and has a delicious taste. This proved by there are lots of souvenir and shopping centers that pursued by domestic and international travelers.

Seeing this promising prospect, one of the member of Rumah Zakat Padang, Mr. Zainal Efendi began to open a business in the form of traditional foods that are not familiar to most people, the food was named Jengkol crackers.

Malin Jengkol Crackers that produced by mr. Zainal is different from the usual crackers that sold by some people. The jengkol crackers mixed with potato that has been milled to make the crackers more tasty and crunchy.

Mr. Zainal focused on running his business with his wife, every day they always cooperate in producing this jengkol crackers. With promising market prospects, currently Mr. Zainal was trying to innovate his product, he was not only produced raw and cooked jengkol crackers, but also making innovations like jengkol rendang. Jengkol and potatoes are mixed with spices rendang seasoning, and then he made the dough like a piece of meat made from the basic ingredients jengkol old and potatoes.

Now with the product innovation it can last up to 2 months without compromising taste. Even the latest product innovation of Mr. Zainal was keep growing, it proofed by increasing the number of crackers jengkol production per day for 5-7 kg of dough and for rendang jengkol it could reach 3 kg per day.

Mr. Zainal also already has had P-IRT and MUI Halal Label on the product so that is already marketed in the renowned Centre souvenirs in Padang such as Christine Hakim and Shirley. The advantage of the effort undertaken to fulfill the needs of family and the rest can be saved by Mr. Zainal.

The obstacles that often faced by Mr. Zainal was the weather, because crackers usually have to be dried in the sun, but if it is not rare rainy days Mr. Zainal could be lost because the dough is damaged. As the solution of this problem MR. Zainal would like to have a spinner drying machine to dry the dough if the weather is rainy. And his has already realized, the spinner machine which he wanted has been realized with the help of the donors from and Rumah Zakat.

“Alhamdulillah I’m grateful for being a member of Rumah Zakat, it really help my business to keep growing. And I hope my business will be greater and be a blessing.” said him to Facilitator of Rumah Zakat, (23/03).



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