RZ BERSAMA LAZIS PT PLN RIAU-KEPRI LAUNCHING RUMAH QURAN DI PEKANBARUPEKANBARU. On Monday (06/06) RZ in cooperation with PT. PLN (Persero) Riau- Kepri in House of Quran program, Insya Allah, this program will educate 10 children consisting of five students from SD Juara Pekanbaru and students from SMP Juara Pekanbaru by bringing mushrifs, Mr Muhammad Nasir and his wife, who is experienced in Tahfidz Quran for 17 years.

He will guide the children memorize the Quran. Mrs. Resti Hartanti which is RZ Pekanbaru Branch Manager said that children who opt to be trained for, Insya Allah, one year ahead the target of these children can memorize 3-5 juz of the Quran.

This event was held in Arifin Ahmad area beside PWI office village head of Marpoyan Damai, Mr Lurah Tangerang Barat, Manager of PLN, and Branch Manager of RZ. Marpoyan Damai districts the place of house of Quran is the number 2 most population region after Tampan sub-district. Mr. Fiora Helmi, Head of Marpoyan Damai who attended the event said,

“We, the District of Marpoyan Damai alongside with Pak Lurah Tangkerang Barat say Congratulations to RZ and also to the General Manager of PT PLN Riau-Kepri through its LAZIS zakat which already provides positives Program through Tahfidz and Hafiz Al-Quran school, and the most grateful is this activity is centered in District Marpoyan Damai. So, once again thanks and congratulations, hopefully the children that follow Tahfidz and hafidz Koran could someday become a generation of civil accordance with Vision Mission Mayor Pekanbaru to make a Madani metropolitan city “He said.

“Alhamdulillaah, We’re from the Government of villages grateful and thankful chosen to domicile of House of Quran in Tangkerang Barat, especially its place in RW 11 and hopefully get the blessing of our area and provide motivation to our youth here, especially the kids.” Said Mr. Edi Wardila, Head of Tangkerang Barat.

Mr. Dwi Surya Abdullah, from LAZIS PT PLN (Persero) stated his expectations, “I hope in the future the children become the next generation who Memorize Quran, of course not only memorize it but also practice the teachings in the Quran.”

Newsroom / Muhammad Bayu Putra

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