RZ BERSAMA MAJELIS TAKLIM TELKOMSEL BAGIKAN BUKA PUASA BERSAMA DI BALIKPAPANBALIKPAPAN. MTT Kalimantan together with RZ Balikpapan branch back together to share with orphans and the needy. This time MTT and RZ together in synergy for Senyum Ramadan program which is “IFTAR JAMA’I and SAFARI MTT ” Regional Kalimantan on Thursday (06/16) ago. This time MTT and RZ carried out iftar at Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school, South Balikpapan.

RZ and MTT team arrived at the scene at 15:25 pm and immediately following the Asr prayer in congregation with the students of Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school” Before the event started MTT and RZ with the students worked together to clean the mosque. Before the event started, to enliven atmosphere RZ team carried out Ramadan Quiz Games and those who can answer the question from MC received a gift of school supplies.

The students were very enthusiastic and very happy with the Iftar, a short removes fatigue and complexity of learning in the boarding school and it was visible from the smiles and laughter when following quizzes and games Ramadan held by the committee, given the location of the boarding school is far enough from the city.

The event started with recitations by students, followed by speeches from the chairman of Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school namely Ustadz Syahrilyani and Mr. Tantan as BM of RZ Balikpapan branch, the last speech from Mr. Deden Karmana as chairman of MTT Kalimantan.

The event continues to handover of a grand to Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school symbolically. Before Magrib the event continued to religious lecturer from Ustad Syahril and immediately closed with a prayer.

” I am very grateful for this activity from MTT and RZ, and also the students say many thanks to MTT and RZ that pleased to present at our boarding school, hopefully God give you reward for your good deeds . Aamiin. ” Said Ustad Syahril, chairman of the Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school.

This program is a program of MTT center in which every regional get 200 iftar packages to be given to the needy in the region.

“Alhamdulillahi robbil the worlds, we are very pleased to be able to distribute Iftar Package to Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school. In keeping with the theme Ramadan Telkomsel of this year’s namely the ‘Share’ ‘, hopefully this activity can help the students to be more energetic to perform fasting and more active in learning.’ ‘Said chairman of MTT Kalimantan, Dede Karmana

The event was completed at 18:50 pm and was closed with a group photo of the board of MTT and Mardhotillah KM-8 boarding school


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