RZ DAN MAJELIS TAKLIM TELKOMSEL SALURKAN SEMBAKO UNTUK KORBAN BANJIR DI PALEMBANGPALEMBANG. Since two weeks ago, residents of Muara Lematang village finally can set the foot on the ground without flood water. The Resettlement with 370 households has been flooded for 4 months. Houses, fields and schools did not escape the flood reached 2.5 meters.

Because of this flooded, many have lost their livelihoods because of their rice fields submerged. The only livelihood that could be of little help meet the family’s needs are just catching fish. Fish obtained is not much, just a bunch of small fish such as Seluang fish and sold at a very cheap, 5,000 per kilo.

Because of it on this occasion, on Friday (06/23), which coincides with 18th day of Ramadan 1437 H, MTT (Majelis Taklim Telkomsel) Sumbagsel cooperate with RZ Palembang Branch held aids distribution themed MTT BISA (MTT Share Ramadan Gift). Distribution activity carried out in Muara Lematang village Sungai Rotan district Muara Enim regency. A total of 300 food packages of rice, oil, sugar and corned SuperQurban were distributed to the villager.

In such conditions, there is still gratitude were spoken from Mr. Hamka as head Muara Lematang village of expressed, “Thank God this Ramadan truly bring blessing. Since entering the month of Ramadan the flood receded, residents began planting rice seedlings in paddy fields, Seluang fish obtained is dried and processed into salted fish by residents. Moreover there are food assistance from MTT Sumbagsel, we are more grateful “.

The pleasure was not only felt by Mr Hamka, but also children who represent the parents take the food packages because their parents were still working in the fields. Likewise, a group of mothers received the Eid Gift (BLK) from RZ and MTT happily.

Regional Board of MTT Sumbagsel also prayed, “May the expression of happiness that can be a witness at the end of Yaumul akhir as good deeds of all MTT Sumbagsel muzaki. Aamin Ya Rabb.”



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