RZ DAN PT SRIBOGA KEMAS NGABUBURIT DENGAN DONGENG ASYIK DI KENDALKENDAL. Inspiring Volunteer of RZ Kendal cooperate with PT. Sriboga Flour Mill conducted Ngabuburit Tales held on Tuesday (06/28). This activity is a series of Joint Iftar. Siti Munawaroh as the representative of the Volunteer, in this Ramadan 1347 H, Kendal regency entrusted to distribute 500 Iftar packages (BBP).

500 packages were divided into 7-point distribution, ie TPQ’s students, religious group and boarding school with the children’s segment such as Pengajian Dzikrul Ghofilin Kumpulejo ptebon, Majelis taklim At At Taqwa Pegandon, Rumah Tahfidz Robbani Kendal. “Especially for Kendal, this ngabuburit activity presented into a fairy tale” Explained Siti Munawaroh

This event aims to fill the time waiting for iftar with activities for children. On the evening sometimes kids cannot wait to break their fast. So with storytelling activity is expected that it will entertain kids while waiting for iftar. The fairytale presented Islamic materials.

“By presenting fairy tales, children will enjoy in receiving the lesson or the advice being delivered. It turned out that the demand of various TPQ or children’s religious group is very high “said Siti.

Meanwhile, Kyai Azib as Principal of TPQ Al Kholiliyah Kebonharjo Patebon is very enthusiastic with this ngabuburit tales. According to him, storytelling is a new learning method that encountered in teaching in TPQ. “It turned out that the children here more easily digest the lessons conveyed through storytelling. Children immediately hypnotized and messages delivered. “Said Kyai Azib

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