Ngabuburit Ceria bersama 1000 Anak Yatim Rumah ZakatMALANG. Ramadan has always been a month that is always awaited by Muslims in particular. Ramadan this year was greeted with great joy, because the moon is full with blessing become a time awaited to share more with others.

Similarly with RZ, Ramadan this time is the third times for RZ to share cheerfulness together with 1000 orphans, Friday (24/06). Located in the yard of PT. PLN (Persero) Malang, Ngabuburit Ceria is wrapped in the event Tabligh Akbar, This event was attended by about 21 orphanages in Malang, and brings together more than 1000 orphans and students.

The chairman of the event, Dwi Yuliani revealed that the core of this event is want to bring the joy of Ramadan for the orphans and students. The Cheerfulness in the event will also be filled with iftar and donations for orphans and students.

“Ngabuburit Ceria present as the event to provide iftar for orphans and students,” said Dwi. Dwi added that this event will also distribute donations to 1000 orphans and students in attendance. The event was organized with the intent to increase self introspection and form of gratitude to God.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Mayor of Malang, Sutiaji, Manager of PLN, Fatkhul Hakim, Director of Cita Sehat Foundation, Muhammad Sobirin and Branch Manager of RZ, Aditya Evan. The event became more festive with the performance of entertainment such as Dawah comedy and Nasyid. The Excitement filled some guest stars as Dodi Hidayatullah, Ali sastra, he Jenggot, Shoutul Haq dan Mlumah.

The event was also enlivened by the presence of Muhammad Sobirin, which is pioneering of the establishment of Mobile Mosque. Tausiah inserted light humor that managed to provoke laughter from the attendees. The event was initiated by PT. PLN (Persero), Indosat, and Rumah Zakat concluded with break the fast together and Maghrib prayers in congregation.

source: http://malang.merdeka.com/gaya-hidup/rumah-zakat-kembali-gelar-ngabuburit-ceria-bersama-1000-anak-yatim-160625a.html

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