SISWA SMK PETERNAKAN JUARA PERKUAT SKILL DENGAN PRAKTIK KERJA INDUSTRISUBANG. SMK Peternakan Juara conducted a mandatory program for students namely Industry Work Practices Program (Prakerin) that is followed by students of XI grade starts from April 4 – May 13, 2016 at four different locations including:
1. Development Center of Dairy Cow Cikole (5 persons)
2. Artificial Insemination Centres Lembang (5 persons)
3. Nucleus Kreasi Mandiri Cibodas-lembang (4 persons)
4. PT. Insan Mulia Berdikari Dairy Cow in Cisarua (4 Persons)

Annual Mandatory Program aims to improve the knowledge, insight, experience and skills of students in the world of farming, especially for students to experience the industrial field.

There are many benefits gained from the mandatory program. One of the students who take mandatory program in Development Center of Dairy Cow Cikole stated that he enjoys the daily activities starting at 05.00 pm, they have to be in a location to carry out cage sanitation activities and preparation for milking cow until 16:30 pm.

“They Gain experience and new insights that have not they got in school, such as milking cows with automatic milking machine, follow the activities of production of Pasteurized milk with advanced machinery from Japan, and many other things,” said Isep Mulyana, Chairman of the program of SMK Peternakan juara.

Proud thing is when a teacher who was monitoring to industry work location, positive responses were obtained from all locations, the official there salutes to the attitudes and worship habits of Juara students who diligently performing worship and timely such as congregational prayers, read Quran, dhikr al-Matsurat and others despite being busy with work and without any supervision from teacher.

“Insya Allah, on May 13, 2016 we are closing the Industry Work Practices Program this year.” Isep added.

Newsroom / Isep Mulyana

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