TBG DAN RZ GELAR AKSI BANGUN SEHAT DI GARUTGARUT. Mobile Car Clinic Event in Bangun sehat action with TBG was held at the Village Hall of Karyanekar RW 02, Karyamekar village Pasirwangi Sub-district, Garut regency, on April 29 starting from 08.00 to 13.00 hrs. It started with a set location and preparation as well as preparation of all purposes for Bangun sehat action with TBG.

Bangun sehat action this time began with opening remarks by representatives of the village and RZ Party. Then proceed with general counseling delivered by dr. Kriski Regina, with the material presented is hemophilia, with 45 for pretest score and 65 for posttest score.

After the counseling followed by General Examination and ultrasound, blood pressure checking at the paramedics, the next examination by a doctor. After the inspection then the patient directed toward a drug depot for the administration of drugs that have been prescribed by a doctor. They were also given supplementary feeding.

Especially for ultrasound on pregnant women, they should check blood tension first and then went into the room which had been provided by the village officer, then after the results came out continued to the examination by a doctor, after that they are directed toward the medication depot to take medications that have been prescribed by Doctor.

Supplementary feeding for Beneficiary are milk and apples. Total Number of Beneficiaries as a whole amounted to 157 Beneficiaries, consisting of 27 men and 130 women (16 Toddlers, 5 Children 10 male 100 females and 26 Elderly) participants for USG is 42 women and Recipient of Public Service is 322. Overall Bangun sehat action with TBG is running smoothly.

Technically implementation is divided into two kinds of activities, namely checking for pregnant women and mothers, as well as free treatment for other participants running smoothly, making it easier to coordinate with one another.

“Alhamdulillah Thanks TBG and RZ for the concern for residents in our village, the communities helped and are in dire need of things like this. I expect that TGB and RZ can continue this activity in our village, once a month minimum and can be in the form of a pilot village for pregnant women. ” Said Mr. Ganda as the village chief of Karyamekar.

Newsroom / Putri Mariana Sari

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