ZERO TOO HERO MENJADI TEMA WISUDA SEKOLAH JUARA DI 2016 BANDUNG. Graduation is an inauguration process of students who have taken time study at a school or university. As proof of the end of the education of Juara students, the graduation held in various Sekolah Juara. Not long ago, SD Juara Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru Junior Champion and SMP Juara Pekanbaru dan SD Juara Jakarta Utara held graduation activities with the theme “From Zero To Hero”.

On Thursday (05/26) SD Juara Pekanbaru held Graduation ceremony at once held Pentas Kreasi Juara (art performance). This activity was followed by all students of SD Juara Pekanbaru, parents of sixth grade students, the representative of education department, donors and community leaders.

Activities that housed at SD Juara Pekanbaru started at 08.00 until 12:00. The theme of “From Zero To Hero” is packed with stories about journey of students from the beginning till the end sign displayed in the form of video and photo galleries that are printed in the form of banners. This is the 5th graduation ceremony organized by SD Juara Pekanbaru, the number of graduates are 24 people.

On the same day (05/26) SMP Juara Pekanbaru also held graduation activities. The activity was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Pekanbaru, Ayat Cahyadi, S. Si, Director of Indonesia Juara Foundation represented by Ivan Supangat, S.Pd, Branch Manager of RZ Pekanbaru, one of RZ Partners PT. BNI Syariah, and the village chief and his staff as well as parents’ graduates.
This activity began with poem recitation by Theatre team of SMP Juara Pekanbaru, welcome dance and speeches.

Meanwhile, on Monday (05/30) graduation ceremony held by SD Juara Jakarta Utara, The sixth grade of SD Juara Jakarta Utara is a foster children Juara Scholarship program from PT Pelindo II or IPC. The activity was held at Balai Yos Sudarso, North Jakarta Mayor complex.

The event was enlivened by arts performance of the students from I-V grade the performance consist of percussion, dance, poetry readings as well as a guest performance from the outside which is a national nasyid team called Gradient.

Principal of SD Juara Jakarta, Rahmat Ilahi in his speech explained that the meaning of the theme of “Zero to Hero” is the suitability of the spirit of SD Juara itself that big dream can be realized by anyone as long as they have quality and professionalism.

“For five years we are trying to prove that not everything is free is unqualified or inexpensive school is cheap. Of course this is realized from the achievements that we got and the presence of SD Juara as a contribution to the future state. “Said Rahmat who was the principal of SD Juara Jakarta Selatan

The representative from the IPC‘s Board of Directors, Muhammad Taufik in his speech said that SD Juara is an excellent program of CSR IPC, especially in terms of education.
“3-4 years ago, we have many challenges, one of which is land and some other challenge, but we’ve got through the challenges one by one,” he said when giving speech in front of guests, students, teachers, and parents.

He hopes someday the graduates can continued to work hard and study hard never give up until reaching ideals.

In addition, General Manager of Educare, Arif Taat stated that until this week there have been 300 graduates from 15 Sekolah Juara across Indonesia. In North Jakarta in particular has graduated 21 students.

“Given the current state of morale, SD Juara hopes to contribute to its name that is Juara (champion). Which not only be champions academically but also be champions in the hereafter, “he added.

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