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RZ rebana alhijrahSOLO, Solo RZ branch office held public development program back in the ICD area Jebres, Solo. There were some activities which were held in this agenda such as, Islamic forum, Islamic forum with the Muslim public figure, public discussion, teaching and learning process, and learn how to read and write Holy Qur’an.

Al-Hijrah Rebana Team is the innovation of KBM which integrates with the Al-Hijrah Qur’an School, Ngemplak Sutan, Jebres. Rebana training activities was started on November 30, 2013 and it still to be continued until now every Saturday noon in Al-Hijrah Mosque.

Since February 23, 2014 the Rebana Team has held joint exercises which consist of 8 boys as the Rebana players and 10 girls as the vocalists. To exercises they were facilitated by Mojosongo Boarding school because they don’t have the own instruments.

Newsroom/ Muchammad Afifudin

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