JAKARTA. “Thank you for the presence of the volunteers”, said Bu Umroh . One of the residents of a Shelter house branch of Harapan Kita Hospital who immediately welcomed the arrival of Rumah Zakat volunteers with a smile.

Sunday, (7/4) Volunteer of Rumah Zakat West Jakarta visited again and give aid for Shelter House around Harapan Kita Hospital, West Jakarta.

“We not only provide basic food aid for their kitchen, such as 25 kg of rice, 3 kg eggs, 4 kg sugar, 8 liters of cooking oil, but we also provide milk for children and pregnant women,” Sayyid Effendi said, Volunteer of Rumah Zakat.

Shelter House in Harapan Kita area is inhabited by people from outside Java such as Lampung, Batam, Pontianak and Padang. Not only children, this simple house is also filled with many adults with various diseases such as cervical cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, breast cancer, heart disease and blood vessel abnormalities.

“Our needs here are many, we need not only material help from you, but we also expect prayer and mental support from you”, said Muhammad one of the residents of Shelter House who have more than a year back and forth inhabiting the shelter for undergoing treatment.

In addition, Volunteers were also trying to entertain the people in the shelter house by holding some games in the living room. Most of them feel happy and expect there will be many more volunteers who hold events like this. Not only provide assistance but also provide entertainment for them with small games that can be followed by all residents.

“Sometimes we feel bored here, afraid of some bad possibilities, far from family, away from home, each day just supporting and strengthening each other.Your activities are different, usually people just give help and go. listen to our stories or play with us We are glad you came “, said Mr. Muhammad while eating the snacks provided for them.

“Our concern for Rumah Singgah is not only a matter of material, but also mentoring during patient’s treatment period, including laboratory examination and routine control, and this kind of concern is hopefully can be run by volunteers from anywhere” said Effendi.

Yadi Mulyadi / Lailatul Istikhomah

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