Pariaman — Pariaman Cares Rohingya Community Alliance donate to Rohingya refugees, Myanmar at the camps of Bangladesh shelter through Rumah Zakat West Sumatra at Masjid Annur Zainul, Pariaman, Sunday (10/09) afternoon. In this case, the donation for Rohingya is realized on the cooperation between Pariaman City Government, DPRD Kota Pariaman, Karang Taruna, KNPI, Osis, FSLDK, HMI, IMM, IPM, Pariaman RIDER, Interisti Pariaman, and BEM STIE-SB.

The donation was witnessed by Vice Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar and Chairman of Pariaman Parliament, Mardison Mahyuddin and Chairman of MUI Pariaman City.DPD Chairman of the National Youth Committee of Indonesia (KNPI) Pariaman City Riza Saputra accompanied by Coordinator of Pariaman Community Care Rohingnya Jupriman, said, raising activities conducted during one week, managed to raise funds amounting to Rp91.350.000.

In addition to being collected on the streets, door-to-door fundraising is also conducted at senior high schools, campuses and mosques in the Pariaman area.”The board of OSIS, student organizations and OKP are also involved in this fundraising. Submissions are done on each base, but are collected through alliances and channeled through a single door, “he said.

According to Riza, the distribution of aid in the form of food needs and refugee tents will be focused on the point of refuge in Bangladesh. Currently, he said, there are 360 thousand Rohingnya people still lack of food and refugee tents.Although it has been submitted to Rumah Zakat, the alliance still receives if any society wants to donate their property.

“These funds will be handed over to the needs of Rohingya refugees, depending on their needs. For now, food and tents are a priority need. This we will leave to the dealer. Fundraising continues we do, may be submitted at a later stage, “he said.According to Riza who is also Chairman of Commission I DPRD Pariaman City, empathize against Rohingya refugees not only for Muslims only. The condition suffered by the Rohingya resident humanitarian crisis will touch anyone who knows, sees and hears the pain suffered by the Rohingyas.

“Whoever will be tapped, will certainly set aside property, will certainly empathize also know how the destruction of Rohingya refugees. It does not have to be Islam so that we can empathize, for other religious people, the act of cruelty to Rohingyas is also condemned, “he said.

Vice Mayor of Pariaman, Genius Umar urged the fundraising movement for Rohingnya refugees in Myanmar by the alliance will be continued. This is because there are still potential sources of donations that have not been raised by alliances such as the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) Pariaman City, entrepreneurs, contractors and BUMN / BUMD in the city of Pariaman.

He will also issue an appeal to the ASN in Pemko Pariaman to set aside some treasures to help Muslims Rohingya for help given from the city of Pariaman more leverage.”We will maximize this fundraising. Through the appeal, I invite ASN in Pemko Pariaman voluntarily donate a part of his wealth to Muslim brother Rohingya who desperately need help,” he said.

According to Genius Umar, it will communicate with the National Amil Zakat Agency (Baznas) Pariaman City about the possibility of distributing zakat collected by Baznas for Rohingya refugees.

“We’ll try to coordinate that possibility. Because Baznas is an autonomous institution, we will convey the idea, “he described.Genius appreciated the fast response of the Pariaman community who raise funds after the peak of the humanitarian crisis against Rohingya refugees. The response, he said, indicates the high awareness and empathy attitude of the people of Pariaman City against fellow human and fellow Muslims.

Not only that, for Genius, the distribution of helping fellow Muslims like Moslem Rohingya, is a real form of jihad in the path of Allah SWT.”Jihad is not through war only, if we have not been able to pass the treasure to fellow Muslims, let alone to Muslims fighting to defend aqidah, which like that is also part of jihad,” he said.

In line with Genius, Chairman of Parliament Pariaman City Mardison Mahyuddin will also invite members of Parliament Pariaman City set aside property to be donated to Rohingya refugees. He has conveyed the invitation via message WhatsApp to council members and ASN council in the neighborhood of Parliament Pariaman City.

He also appreciated the fund raising measures undertaken by the people of Pariaman City. The initiative of the community independently without stimulation by the government indicates that the people of Pariaman increasingly care about each other.”Mambusek from the earth, without the command of the government, the community immediately moved to collect donations. It should be developed, not only for Rohingya, but also empathy for the environment around us, “he said.

He asserted, fraternity in Islam is not limited to blood relations or kinship. “But the brotherhood is formed from the similarity of aqidah and tauhid owned among Muslims Pariaman, Rohingya, even Palestine,” he said.



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