SEMARANG, Sunday (09/22). The handover of business facilities has been carried out to Mr. Mulyadi, a Gelondong seller from one of the beneficiaries of the Rumah Zakat Human Resource Independent Program in Empowered Village Mijen, Kec. Mijen, Semarang City.

Empowered Village Facilitator visited Mr. Mulyadi’s house and gave good news at 09.00-11.00 WIB. It started with exploring the needs of Business Facilities conducted a few days before, then continued to search and purchase business facilities in the form of ice flasks, stoves, and blenders that have been damaged in some shops. Then the handover of business facilities was handed over directly by the Village Empowerment Facilitator Rumah Zakat, represented by Gatot Satriawan.

The father of 2 children previously worked as a construction worker in the capital city, but after getting married and having the first child, Mr. Mulyadi tried starting a business. Selling gelondong and the branding in his Facebook is called Gelondong Ketigo, his wife is a housewife so she does not have an income to help meet the necessities of life.

“Thank God. Hopefully, this will be a way for me to provide for my wife and children and hopefully be blessed. Aamiin Thank you Rumah Zakat “said Mr. Mulyadi.

Hopefully, the business development assistance in the form of business facilities can facilitate and accelerate Mr. Mulyadi’s business.


Anaskaci W / Hanaa Afifah

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