RZ_SDJ_Jakpus_2JAKARTA. In order to improve the quality of elementary education in Central Jakarta Champion all teachers in this school, Monday (4/1) held a study visit to SDIT Buahati Kramat Jati. Some of the activities undertaken include friendship and find the concept of multiple intelligences learning are applied in this school.

Various other activities were held in the school champion, as on Friday (1/2) and Saturday (2/2) sixth-grade students held a Night Bina Faith and Piety in order to prepare for the National Examination to be held in May 2013 . Event held that tausiah, qiyamul Lail read Al-Quran, Al-Matsurat and exercise early in futsal Monas.

This event was attended by 12 students were very enthusiastic and reverent in following this event. They hope that this event is held every week before National Examination conducted. *** Newsroom/Riyadh Nur Hidayatullah Jakarta

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