pawon-dan-rz-galang-dana-korban-gempa-acehCILEGON -RZ in collaboration Cilegon Entrepreneurs society (Pawon), to conduct humanitarian fund-raising in the Car Free Day (CFD), Krakatau Junction, Cilegon.
Coordinator of fundraising action, Vera said, in fundraising, RZ and Pawon raise funds from the Pawon member as well as from the public who visit CFD to be donated to the earthquake victims in Aceh.

“Alhamdulillah, today’s fundraising went smoothly. RZ in synergy with PAWON (Cilegon Entrepreneurs society) have a positive impact, the fundrising started from 07.00 until 10.00 local time, collected money amounting to 7.634.100 Rupiah”he said.

As is known 6.5 Richter earthquake hit Pidie Jaya, Aceh on December 7. Physical damage caused by the earthquake include 11 668 units of houses, 16 units of mosques, 10 units of government offices, 16 units of educational facilities as well as 100 people died.

“RZ Cilegon continues to invite the community to participate rebuild mosques, public facilities and help treat earthquake victims in Aceh to recover back to normal,” said Ali Nurhasan, Branch Manager of RZ Cilegon.

Said Ali, RZ Cilegon only suport fundraising. That is, it does not send a team to Aceh. However, other branch sent a team to help disaster victims in Aceh. “To which came right to it, derived from RZ Medan and Aceh, which deployed directly into the location.


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