SIMALUNGUN. Health is one of the greatest favors that is rarely grateful, even though health is the main foundation for living life. Remembering health very important for everyone, Rumah Zakat is present to provide Posyandu Preparedness in Sahkuda Bayu empowered village, North Sumatra with various programs. Among them are supplementary feeding, routine vaccine administration, weighing, treatment for the elderly, and various training and counseling for the community.

“Previously Posyandu cadres in this village already existed, but were not very active. Initially we only provided treatment for the elderly. Alhamdulillah there is also a program now Posyandu for mothers and children, “said Suherman, the empowered village facilitator, Sahkuda Bayu.

Rumah Zakat, Health Preparedness Program in Empowered Village Sahkuda Bayu has only been present since 2017 which aims to improve citizens’ health and controlling children’s health and toddlers through Posyandu activities that are routinely held once a month.

According to Suherman, after Health Preparedness Program was initiated by Rumah Zakat has a positive impact on citizens. Starting from the control community health, increased knowledge of citizens through training and counseling, and increased productivity of Posyandu cadres in Sahkuda Bayu, Gunung Malela, Simalungun.

“After the formation of Rumah Zakat, Posyandu activities here are better programmed, clear, and scheduled. Previously, to gather Posyandu cadres it’s very difficult. Alhamdulillah, midwives here also give appreciation for the existence of health programs from Rumah Zakat because they can work together, “said Suherman.

In addition to controlling children’s health, parents were also given various health counseling. It aims to provide knowledge to people about nutritional health for children. With the extension, it is expected that the level of health and nutritional intake of children in Sahkuda Bayu will increase and avoid malnutrition.

“In this village there are several children under five who are affected by malnutrition. We collaborate with the village government and midwives to require monthly checks so that they do not exist those affected by malnutrition, “Suherman said.

After being traced, some of the children who were affected by malnutrition did not have their health checked into the Posyandu, so that the health of their children is not controlled properly. In addition to being given various counseling on healthy lifestyles, Suherman also appealed to residents to take part in government programs, namely BPJS. According to him, this can be beneficial for the community if something unexpected happens at a time, so that it can relieve the community in terms of financing.


Lailatul Istikhomah

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