SURABAYA. One of Berdaya Village’s locations with the most active health activities in Surabaya is RT 4 RW 4 Kel. Jemurwonosari, Kec. Wonocolo, Surabaya. Health empowerment in this region began in 2015, within the scope of environmental conservation of nutrition gardens. In contrast to the nutritional gardens in Kemaruk Nutition garden initially only planted basil and oranges, hence called Kemaruk. As time passes, then other vegetables are planted.


At the beginning of the formation, the members of the group that consist of 12 people are invited to a comparative study to one of the hydroponic gardens that have been running with a large scale in the region of Surabaya. The results of the comparative study, according to Zirzi greatly help the learning process of the members as well as raising awareness of the citizens. “Residents in this area had been less concerned about environmental hygiene. Only when Rumah Zakat entered, began to have education about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and preserve the environment. Now besides actively managing nutrition gardens, the community is also implementing PHBS, “said Zirzi.

According Salifudin one of the Board of Kemaruk Nutrition Garden, nutrition garden is managed by the head of the family from nursery to maintenance, while the housewife who will manage the harvest. “Usually before going to work I always take time to water and take care of the plants first. Later if the harvest, my wife and other PKK members who will manage, “said the man who works as Gojek drivers t.

The result of the nutrition garden from the Kemaruk group is not only consumed by the members and local people but also sold and generates additional money for the group. According to Salifudin, vegetable crops that can be used as fresh vegetables sold to vendors of pecel lele and fried chicken. While oranges are processed by PKK members into fresh drinks which are then packed and sold.

Now Jemurwonosari region, Wonocolo not only looks more green, beautiful, and cleaner than before, but also can improve the economy of the people through the processed garden nutrition. In addition, beberapakali this region follows environmental competitions and came out to be the winner of Surabaya city level.


Rizal / Lailatul Istikhomah

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