PROBOLINGGO. Almost every day Fuad Saifullah, Rumah Zakat Facilitator in Desa Berdaya Sepuh Gembol took a two-hour journey from his home in Alassumur Village to reach Sepuh Gembol Village. Fuad does not live in this village, but most of his time dedicated to fostering Sepuh Gembol Village located in Wonomerto District, Probolinggo Regency, East Java.

“The social gap in this village is clear with just one look. The rich are getting richer because they have a lot of paddy fields and those with shortages are difficult to develop and only become farm laborers. Even though in this village there is a lot of potential that can be developed. Therefore, since June 2015 Rumah Zakat has made Sepuh Gembol one of the assisted villages, “said Fuad.

Based in a Village Library, various economic empowerment activities were carried out by Fuad and dozens of beneficiaries. The potential of Sepuh Gembol Village is among them corn farming centers and has many tailor and creative youth. Through these potentials, Fuad and Rumah Zakat empower Sepuh Gembol citizens. Utilizing Sepuh Gembol as a corn farming center, through the Gembol Lestari Women’s Group (Kopwan). Fuad developed the Kerupuk Puli Jagung UKM in order to boost the economy of the residents. Sustainable Shepherd is taken from the village name “Sepuh Gembol” and Lestari as a prayer for this village to remain sustainable and prosperous. Assistance from Rumah Zakat is given in the form of business capital, assistance, packaging, and making PIRT for each existing business.

“Alhamdulillah, the crackers made by Gembol Lestari’s mothers are always sold out, not only from corn pulses, but also from fish because there are abundant fish in this village. I was so in demand, sometimes even these mothers lacked stock. But because the existing source is also limited so we can produce as much as we can. They conducted a trial recipe in two productions before finally finding the best recipe and tasty, ” Fuad explained. Cracker production is carried out for three days every week, namely Friday to Sunday. In one production they can produce up to 12 kilograms of crackers. In addition, Kopwan Gembol Lestari also holds meetings every week to stay in touch, share knowledge, provide religious guidance and conduct evaluations.

The crackers made by Kopwan Gembol Lestari is sold to the surrounding community and deposited in stalls. Cooked crackers are sold at Rp. 5,000 – Rp. 6,000 per pack, while raw crackers are sold at Rp. 6,000-Rp. 7500 per pack. They also make small packages that are sold for Rp500 per pack. “Thank God, from the sale of crackers there is an additional daily expenditure, a turnover of one month can reach Rp2 million and be shared with the beneficiaries. We have been running since 2015, “said Husnawiyah, Chair of Gembol Lestari Women’s Group and beneficiary of the Rumah Zakat’s economic assistance.

Silvia Zakiah Itsnaini

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