In Indonesia, jackfruit is generally processed into vegetables or for ice mixes. Rarely, fruits with hard skin are eaten just like that. Behind the sweet taste, jackfruit turns out to contain important nutrients that are good for health.

Reported via Healthline, this tropical climate fruit is a source of calories and carbohydrates. Even the fibrous texture is often used by vegetarians as a substitute for meat. Jackfruit is a fruit that is quite unique because it can be eaten when it is not yet cooked as a vegetable, and in ripe conditions.

In every 165 grams of jackfruit containing 155 calories. As many as 92 percent of calories come from carbohydrates, while the rest comes from protein and fat. Jackfruit contains almost all vitamins and minerals, and has quite a lot of fiber. This fruit is also rich in various types of antioxidants.

Jackfruit also has several blood sugar control properties. In one study, someone who consumed jackfruit extract had a significant blood sugar level. In the study of diabetic rats, jackfruit leaf extract helps reduce blood sugar levels and control them long-term.

Antioxidants in jackfruit can prevent stress and inflammation due to free radicals. Even some types of antioxidants in jackfruit can ward off a variety of chronic diseases, such as the heart and diabetes. Jackfruit is also claimed to have other health benefits even though there is no in-depth research.

The content of vitamins in jackfruit is considered to reduce the risk of viral infection. Jackfruit can also reduce skin problems, especially slowing down aging. In addition, jackfruit can also reduce the risk of heart disease. Although there are no scientific reports, there is no harm in trying.

Eating jackfruit should be done without processing it. Fresh jackfruit is the best to eat. If it is difficult to find fresh jackfruit, it does not matter if you eat young jackfruit that is sown or as a mixture of curry. Until now there have been no reports of consumption of jackfruit which can cause health problems.


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